Our superfast network is delivered to your home or business wirelessly. To help you understand how we do this, we’ve created a numbered diagram with an explanation for each part of the network:

How it works.

  1. Our superfast backhaul connection to the rest of the Internet arrives at our core network over a fibre link.
  2. This link is then connected to our routing systems which send your data packets out to the Internet and around the World. Our servers make sure that only authorised users can use our network. E-mail, web and various other services also run at this level.
  3. In order to bring you affordable connectivity, we prefer to use tall buildings in high locations rather than towers. This keeps our costs down and the savings are passed on to you. Our high speed Internet connection and servers are housed inside our primary site at the top of the valley, from which the signal is beamed across to your property, or via a “relay” node.
  4. When you request our services, we will install an antenna to the side of your home or business that connects you to our network.
  5. Once connected, plug your home or business router into the socket we provide you with and you’re up and running! Superfast connectivity delivered straight to your property through the air.

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