Thank you for your interest in our wireless broadband service. If you would like to subscribe to our superfast network, please complete this form. Submitting this form will constitute an acceptance of service in accordance with our Terms & Conditions.

Please note: We are not responsible for the internal distribution of your broadband service. This can be arranged separately (fees apply).

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HIDDEN PENDING FIX - 3. Property Location:

In order for us to perform an estimated wireless signal strength calculation, we need to know exactly where your property is located. We can do this with the latitude and longitude co-ordinates which can be found using this tool:

  1. To centre the map on your postcode, type it into the 'Map Location' box above followed by pressing the space bar and clicking outside of the box. Do not click into this box again or the map will re-centre.
  2. Drag the red marker so that it points to the roof of your property. You can move the map, zoom in or out and change the map type to help you locate your property.
  3. The latitude and longitude boxes below are automatically updated for you:

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*Subject to our Terms & Conditions for Fixed Wireless Access Internet.
Usually begins with "BDUK" and is 10 characters long.


Do you have any comments or are there any access issues which might affect your site survey or installation? Please state below:

5. Important Information:

There is a standard installation fee (subject to site survey) of £325.00. This fee may increase or decrease depending on the Property's distance from the nearest wireless access point, the equipment required and/or complexity of install.

airNexus: Means the Wireless Broadband Company, Limited (company registration number: 06769055).
Minimum Term: The period of 18 months commencing on the Start Date.
Permitted Use: Non-commercial, private home use on residential and residential pro service options. Use in the course of business is permitted on business service options only.

We accept payment via direct debit using our approved online bureaux. Payment instructions will be e-mailed to you with a link to securely set up your direct debit online. If you do not currently have an internet connection, please contact us for assistance. The installation fee is due before the day of the installation and the first month's service fee is due on or before the Start Date. Thank you.

airNexus has agreed to provide a wireless internet connection to the Customer at the Property subject to its 'Terms and Conditions for Fixed Wireless Access Internet' (the "Conditions") which can be found by clicking here, and there being suitable wireless coverage.